Basic Lock ‘N Seal™

When  water based finish is chosen as a finish to use on a newly sanded floor, it is best to first use a sealer as a base coat.  This helps to seal the wood and provide a building coat for the finish.  It also helps to prevent tannin pull in woods such as White Oak and Brazilian Cherry, which could leave ugly splotches on the floor.

This is where Lock ‘N Seal™ really works well.  It has excellent tannin blocking properties to it.  We have experienced tannin pull with other water based finishes and was a little nervous the first time we tried this finish sealer on White oak.  We were pleasantly surprised as there was absolutely no tannin pull.

The finish levels out well, is highly durable and dries clear.  This is a great addition to our line up of high quality durable finishes and will be our standard sealer when we apply Basic Coatings finishes.

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