Loba Supra

  Our premium waterborne finish system is Loba Supra.  It is a two component commercial grade waterborne finish ideal for heavy use residential and commercial applications. If you want one of the best film finishes readily available then this is it. It is not UV sensitive so it won’t amber over time. Being a waterborne […]

Odie’s Oil

Odie’s Oil is probably the best floor finish that your typical hardwood floor contractor hasn’t heard of.  I am passionate about my vocation and I am constantly looking for the best products for my clients, so when I came across Odie’s Oil it didn’t take me long to realize that I may have found the […]

Finishes: Loba Easy Finish

One of the newest finishes we have begun to incorporate in our offerings is Loba Easy Finish.  Loba finishes are high quality finishes made in Germany and we are starting to see the benefit of using them. The reason we haven’t used them in the past is because of a lack of local distribution.  We […]

Basic Coatings StreetShoe 275

One of the toughest finish systems that we have used for heavily trafficked floors or commercial areas is Basic Coatings StreetShoe.  This is the finish I have on my personal floors at home (I have a busy household) and I have been pleased with how well the finish is holding up. Hardness is one of […]

A job best left to professionals

Hardwood flooring refinishing work is something that needs to be taken seriously.  If improperly done by a DIY’er or an amateur, such as a jack-of-all-trades, a wood floor refinish job can lead to costly repairs and even worse death. In this news story a building superintendent was killed while refinishing a wood floor in an […]

Finishes: Glitsa MultiKote

Glitsa® MultiKote™ Swedish Finish is a two-compotent fast drying conversion varnish designed for residential and commercial wood floor applications. A conversion varnish is a catalyzed alkyd-based coating that is tough and resistant to household chemicals. The Glitsa® brand of floor finishes is owned and produced by Rudd Company, Inc., an American manufacturer based in Seattle for […]