Top 10 mistakes made when hiring a hardwood flooring contractor

I hear about numerous mistakes that homeowners make when hiring somebody to sand and refinish their wood floors. These mistakes involve not knowing which products ought to be used to not hiring a professional hardwood flooring contractor. Some people lose thousands of dollars because they make a poorly educated decision about the contractor they hire […]

Glitsa MultiKote Maintenance

Here’s how to take care of your floors if they were finished with Glitsa MultiKote, a professional grade conversion varnish, what is traditional known as a Swedish finish. This finish is easy to maintain. For daily maintenance a dry microfiber mop or dry dust mop to catch any animal hair, dust, and dirt floating around on […]

A job best left to professionals

Hardwood flooring refinishing work is something that needs to be taken seriously.  If improperly done by a DIY’er or an amateur, such as a jack-of-all-trades, a wood floor refinish job can lead to costly repairs and even worse death. In this news story a building superintendent was killed while refinishing a wood floor in an […]

The PTL Hardwoods Difference

Here are a few points to consider that separates PTL Hardwoods from other wood flooring companies. Trustworthy: our team is clean, professional, drug free and you can trust us in your home.  The owner, Joshua Crossman, has 6 little girls that he is protective of so if he can’t trust his teammates around them then they […]

Welcome to PTL Hardwoods

Welcome to the PTL Hardwoods blog site.  We will be sharing information regarding all things hardwood flooring and possibly a few other flooring options as well such as Laminate and Bamboo. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision regarding purchasing hardwood flooring, having your current wood floors refinished, or if you need […]