1923 Stanwood Farmhouse

Imagine going back in time to 1923, a young family getting a new start in a new place, build themselves a nice little farmhouse on some acreage and raise a family.  Now fast forward to the present where another young family buy that same house and raise their family there.  That’s the story of a […]

Diamond in the rough

One of our favorite types of jobs to do is to restore an old floor that looks impossible to restore.  We had an opportunity to mine a gem in a 1903 North Tacoma home, which we dubbed the “Diamond in the Rough” project. Here’s some pictures of it before we started to sand. I can’t […]

Wire Brushed Hemlock

Wire brushed floors have gained popularity in recent years.  Wire brushing a hardwood floor gives it a unique texture and look.  The process digs out some of the soft grain of the wood and leaves the hard grain untouched.  This gives the floor a special appearance as each board has differing amounts of soft grain. […]