A job best left to professionals

Hardwood flooring refinishing work is something that needs to be taken seriously.  If improperly done by a DIY’er or an amateur, such as a jack-of-all-trades, a wood floor refinish job can lead to costly repairs and even worse death. In this news story a building superintendent was killed while refinishing a wood floor in an […]

The PTL Hardwoods Difference

Here are a few points to consider that separates PTL Hardwoods from other wood flooring companies. Trustworthy: our team is clean, professional, drug free and you can trust us in your home.  The owner, Joshua Crossman, has 6 little girls that he is protective of so if he can’t trust his teammates around them then they […]

Proper Sanding Sequence

Two things an improperly sanded floor will produce: unsightly sanding marks and premature wear of the finish coatings.  First, let me explain a little about different grits of sandpaper, then the different types of machines that are used and finish with a sanding scenario. Sand paper for sanding hardwood floors comes in different grits: 12, […]

Staining Maple Floors

Yes you can have your maple floors stained a different color. Most hardwood floor companies won’t stain maple, the usual reasons being that it will be blotchy and uneven.  Translated this means that either they don’t know how to do it, it takes extra work to do or they think that it is supposed to […]