General Finishes Pro Shield

Our most durable finish offering is called Pro Shield made by General Finishes located in Wisconsin.  It is a two part water based finish that uses an aziridine catalyst to give superior durability and chemical resistance.  This finish works well for those that want the best protection that we can offer for their floor.

Pro Shield is 70% urethane by solid content and by using higher quality resins General Finishes is able to produce a better waterbased finish. Heavy amounts of acrylics and poorer quality urethanes in two-part finishes are the cause for poor water and chemical resistance, poor scratch resistance, white line syndrome, cloudy look, slipperiness and brittleness.

The standard for other manufacturers is to blend urethanes and acrylics at a ratio of 50/50 with some going a little heavier with urethanes (60/40). Until now manufacturers needed acrylics to help with adhesion, hardness, faster dry times and low cost. Advancements in technology have resolved those issues but other manufactures are sticking with what they have had success with. General Finishes has built its business on seeking the best quality instead of highest volume of sales and they will always look at new technologies to advance their products. You will not see their products sold through big box stores

We will typically apply this finish in a 4 coat system for long lasting durability and protection. As shown in the following pictures of a home we refinished that had a maple floor.

IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0883

Being water based the finish has a low VOC content which produces less odors so you don’t have to be gone from the house for so long.  The cure time is much faster than other finishes. Floor may be used, socks only, in six hours, furniture can be gently set back in three days, and rugs ten days.  Be careful during the first ten days as the finish is more susceptible to scratching and scuff marks.