Odie’s Oil

Odie’s Oil is probably the best floor finish that your typical hardwood floor contractor hasn’t heard of.  I am passionate about my vocation and I am constantly looking for the best products for my clients, so when I came across Odie’s Oil it didn’t take me long to realize that I may have found the “holy grail” of floor finishes.

Let me first tell you how I came across Odie’s Oil and then explain its benefits and why I am liking it more and more.  Being on social media has really connected me with some of the best guys and gals in the hardwood industry.  I belong to several private groups comprised of hardwood flooring experts and truly skilled artists.  It’s a good place for us to share our problems and successes on jobs.  We get to share what works best and raise the bar when it comes to quality.

Recently, I joined Instagram to broaden my horizons and meet new people in the trade and those interested in the work that I do.  Over time there were a few mentions of a finish called “Odie’s Oil” and how a few guys were using it on some really nice floor projects.  A couple of days later I walked into one of my suppliers and they had some on the shelf so I grabbed a jar to do some testing and look into it some more.

I made some samples and really liked what I saw.  It made the wood feel as smooth as silk and gave the wood a natural matte sheen so I could better appreciate the grain characteristics of the boards.

Odie’s Oil falls into a category of finishes known as Hard Wax Oil or Penetrating Oil finish.  The popular names you’ll hear of are Rubio Monocoat, Loba Impact Oil, and Pallmann magic Oil, all of which are great finishes which we have used.  These type of finishes have a lot less nasty chemicals in them than traditional finishes which they are able to omit because the seals penetrate and bond with the wood itself.

Contrast this to waterbased or oil based polyurethane finishes which protect the wood by forming a film over the top of the floor.  The main downsides to having a film finish is that it is easier to scratch, typically getting light surface scratches called “micro-abrasion” over time.  Also, film finishes lessen the beauty of the wood as you see the finish more than the wood, especially when there is light glare on it.  Oil finishes can’t get abrasions on it like film finish and they really highlight the beauty of the wood itself, giving it more clarity and grain definition.

Odie’s Oil is one of the few finishes out there that is non-toxic and has no harmful chemicals in it making it food safe and kid friendly.  Even some of the hard wax oil/penetrating oil finishes still have a small amount of harmful chemicals in them.  Although the levels are below dangerous standards in these finishes I still like the idea of being completely non-toxic.  Being non-toxic Odie’s Oil doesn’t have harmful odors that chase you out of the house as compared to a conversion varnish, aka Swedish finish, or a waterbased finish which does have nasty chemicals in it.

Another plus is that the finish is made right here in the United States and we love supporting great products made in the USA.

Odie’s Oil is easy to maintain.  You just vacuum or sweep any loose dirt then clean using a cotton cloth and either a hardwood floor cleaner like Glitsa Clean, or a mild vinegar water solution.  You can easily touch up and re-oil any spots that do happen to get damaged from the activities and mishaps of life.

If you check out our Instagram and Facebook pages you’ll be able to see projects we have finished with Odie’s Oil.

If you are like us and appreciate the beauty of the wood itself than this is the perfect finish option for you, contact us and we would love to make your wood floor a beautiful part of your home.

Here is what it looks like on a Brazilian Cherry floor:

Here is what it looks like on a 1920’s white oak floor we refinished located in Aberdeen:

Odie’s Oil on White Oak


Here a stained maple floor that we applied Odie’s oil on:

Odie’s Oil over stained maple

Here is an oak floor that we stained and applied Odie’s Oil over the top”

Odie’s Oil over a custom blended General Finishes stain on a mix of red and white oak