Terminology: Micro-Abrasion

Over time every hardwood floor, no matter what finish is applied, will develop what we call “micro abrasion”.  This is usually seen in direct sunlight.  It is primarily seen in high traffic areas.  This is normal.

As floors get walked on and used it gets abraded from everything from dirt tracked into the home to regular old household dust.  This micro abrasion can be seen from a specific angle and under precise lighting conditions.  It is not a sign that the finish is worn through but rather just a sign that you are living on your floor.

Because of the way finishes show scratches, water borne finishes have a tendency to show micro abrasion more readily than conversion varnishes (Swedish Finish).

Because of the affects of micro abrasion we highly recommend a maintenance coat of finish be applied to your floor every 5-7 years depending on use.  This is a one day process where we clean the floor and apply a fresh coat of finish.  Doing this will help to prevent a full sand and refinish.  Also the cost is about a fourth of a complete sand and finish.

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