Area Rugs

New Floor, Same Rug? Refresh Your Space!

Our Range of Area Rugs

At PTL Flooring, we offer a variety of area rugs that fit perfectly into any space. From compact sizes like 2’x3′ to large room-defining ones that exceed 9’x12′, our range is tailored to meet your requirements.

Wool Rugs for the Allergy-Sensitive

If you’re someone who cherishes natural, allergen-free products, our wool rugs will capture your heart. Made from organic wool, they are the perfect option for those with sensitive allergies or simply love organic products.

Pet and Kid-Friendly Rugs

Living in a bustling household with pets and kids? We’ve got you covered. Visit our showroom to explore rugs crafted with the most stain-resistant fibers in the industry. We proudly feature our Karastan rugs made with SmartStrand fibers, renowned for their long-lasting stain resistance, even after years of cleanings and wear!

Eco-Friendly Rugs for the Conscious Home

For those who aren’t dealing with high-traffic chaos but want a luxurious, eco-conscious rug, we offer rugs made out of recycled materials. Enjoy the comfort of something soft and luxurious underfoot while making a positive environmental impact.

At PTL FLooring We've Got Your Floor Covered

Whatever your needs, preferences, or lifestyle demands, PTL Flooring is here to ensure your floor isn’t just covered, but adorned in style.

Can’t make it to the showroom? No worries. Browse through Karastan’s website to explore more options. Once you’ve made a choice, just give us a call, and we can arrange your order and shipment right over the phone.

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