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We offer estimates via email after receiving pictures and measurements of your project. We cannot provide free on-site estimates due to high demand, but we charge a $150 fee for on-site consultations that can be applied towards your final invoice. After discussing your project over the phone, we will give a rough estimate based on common square foot pricing, but the final cost will depend on what it takes to complete the project.


Strip Flooring nail down installation: $4.20/sq ft ($1000 minimum)

Plank Flooring glue assist, nail down installation: $5.38/sq ft ($1000 minimum)

Lace into existing: $10/lf

Carpet removal and disposal: $1.50/sq ft

Tile removal and disposal: $5.00/sq ft

Vinyl and underlayment removal and disposal: $3.00/sq ft

Hardwood removal and disposal: $2.00/sq ft

Wood subfloor prep: $1.00/sq ft

Concrete subfloor prep: $2.00/sq ft plus material


Maintenance Coat or what some call sandless refinishing: $1.50/sq ft. add $.75/ft if an additional coat of finish is desired. ($1,200 minimum)

Sand and finish with a residential grade waterbased finish $5.60/sq ft ($2,750 minimum)

Sand and finish with commercial grade waterbased finish $6.75/sq ft ($2,750 minimum)

Sand and finish with hardwax oil finish $7.00/sq ft ($2,750 minimum)

Apply a stain color add $1.75/sq ft on top of sand and finish price. ($800 minimum)

Patch work: $800 min plus materials

Solid stair tread or riser sand and refinishing: $100/each

Install flush mount vents: $100 each

Baseboard removal and reinstallation: $2/lf


Most people don’t realize that wood flooring is a commodity, so its price constantly changes. Many styles, species, and widths exist, so we cannot keep an up-to-date price list here. You would have to contact us for that pricing.

Depending upon what you are looking for, it can range from $8.00/sq ft to $24.00/sq ft for what we typically use.


We take great pride in our passion for installations, and nothing makes us happier than seeing the beauty of hardwood flooring come to life in your home. Not only is it a gorgeous option for flooring, but it’s also a fantastic renewable resource.

We’ve had the pleasure of installing hardwood flooring in various places over the years, such as Gig Harbor, Puyallup, Tacoma, and Graham. While we like to stick to Pierce and Thurston counties, we’re more than happy to travel if the job is right. Our owner, Joshua Crossman, is a NWFA Certified Installer, ensuring that your floor will be installed correctly and perform beautifully for years to come.

We’re based in the Yelm area, and if you need it, we’re happy to bring samples right to your home. We can’t wait to help you achieve the hardwood flooring of your dreams!


We love to install new floors and add on to existing floors but we also sand and finish hardwood floors.

Sanding existing wood floors probably makes up about 50% of our business. We have some of the best equipment on the market to do the job with as well.

We strive to make the sanding process as clean as possible. Lägler equipment combined with vacuums and air filters help to keep it that way. Almost 100% of the dust generated is contained and disposed of properly. We have never had a complaint on the amount of dust left behind from one of our sand jobs. People are quite happily surprised at the lack of dust there is.

We have several different options to choose from when it comes time to put finish on the floor. All of them are excellent finishes with great reviews. You can learn more about the different finishes options by reading about them on our site.

Sometimes a stain color is desired which we do as well. Maple is our favorite wood to stain as it has some really neat looking grain patterns that are highlighted when stained. We have nice sized stain samples to choose from so you get a good representative color of how the floor will look stained.

We do not sand and finish bamboo floors as there is a lot of unknown dangerous chemicals in those types of floors.

There are a lot of pre-finished floors out there that need sand and refinish, and we can do that. If you have an engineered wood floor with a top layer of wood, we can also sand and finish those types of floors.

Being able to sand and finish a floor gives the floor a new lease on life, and most wood floors will last well over 100 years, making them a very eco-friendly floor covering option.

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