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Joshua Crossman

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To achieve a high quality sand job you need high quality sanding equipment.  This is why we primarily use Lägler equipment when it comes time to sand and refinish a hardwood floor.  Lägler makes some of the best hardwood floor sanding equipment in the world.

In July of 2013 I had the privilege of visiting the Lägler factory in Germany for a tour of the manufacturing facility as well as training on the proper use of their equipment.

The Lägler Factory in Germany
The Lägler Factory in Germany

The quality of the machines they make is outstanding.  I was very impressed with the facility, even the repair shop was super clean and organized.  Every machine goes through a rigorous testing process to be sure it is up to Lägler’s high standards before it gets shipped out.

Machine rejects that didn't meet Lägler's high standards
Machine rejects that didn’t meet Lägler’s high standards

The company was founded in 1956 and is family owned and operated and has an extremely low employee turn over.  They manufacture approximately 90% of their own parts in house to control the quality of their machines.



The Hummel belt sanding machine is the best known sanding machine in the world.  Over 70% of the hardwood sanding machine market is Lägler with the Hummel leading the way.  It is an excellent rough to fine sanding machine which handles the sanding of the field work in a floor.  It’s the first machine we use on a floor to begin the process of flattening and/or removal of old finish.  In 2012 some improvements were made to bring dust levels below 1 mg/m³, this makes it one of the best belt sanders on the market for dust collection.  For comparison cigarette smoking is over 20mg/m³.  OSHA limits dust exposure to 5mg/m³ before they require the use of respiratory equipment.

Lägler Hummels ready to go to work
Lägler Hummels ready to go to work



The Flip came out in 2001 and is an edge and corner sander.   It has a dust level of less than .2mg/m³.

Lägler Flip edge sander
Lägler Flip edge sander


The Trio was introduced to the market in 1993 it is the first floor sanding machine to be awarded the “GS wood dust test” approval mark by the German Woodworkers trade association (Holz Berufsgenossenschaft).  It carries a rating of less than .2mg/m³.  This is a fine sanding machine that makes a floor really flat and smooth before the finish is applied.  I’ve produced a lot of nice looking floors prior to owning a Trio and I didn’t really see a need to purchase one until I went to Germany.  I was trained to learn the Lägler PST sanding system which produces a high quality sand job.  Then I realized I had to have a Trio if I wanted to produce some of the nicest floors around.

Trios ready to go
Trios ready to go

I want to thank Lägler and Paulo Duro, the American company who imports Lägler equipment, for taking me out to Germany to help me improve my skills as a hardwood flooring craftsman.

Call us, PTL Hardwoods, at 253-732-4298 if you would like your floors sanded with the best equipment on the market today.

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