Wall to wall carpet? We are here for it!
PTL Flooring now carries F2, Mohawk and Godfrey Hirst carpet! From recycled plastics, the highest stain resistance on the market, to sustainable and hypo-allergenic wool carpet. We’ve got all of your best options covered. We offer in-house estimates, and will come out to your home to measure and create an installation plan that fits the budget while maintaining the quality you have come to expect from the PTL name. Carpet Pad? Not to worry, we carry quality padding that is made from recycled materials! We offer affordable and top of the line padding to help prolong the life of your new carpet. We even have padding that is rated for stair usage and can extend the warranty of your carpet!
Carpet Flooring


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What is this going to cost? Pricing can range from $1.40 a square foot to $15! So first, you need to pick out a carpet that you love; both the aesthetic and feel. Come on in to our showroom to take a look at the many options and talk with our sales representative about the cost for the specific needs.

However, labor pricing is much less complicated.

Removal: $0.22/sq ft

Installation: $1.43/sq ft 

Patterned Installation: $1.60/sq ft

Carpet FAQ

No, we do not offer that service at this time.

If we are replacing carpet, baseboards can remain exactly where they are. If we are putting carpet over an area that had a hard surface flooring previously the baseboards will need to be moved. We can do that for $2 per linear foot.

Here is the tricky thing about carpet. You buy carpet by the linear foot, and then we cut out your room from the roll. If you are curious as to how your project fits inside the carpet roll ask your salesperson to walk you through your personal schematic.


Customers often struggle to choose the right carpet for their home and lifestyle. To narrow down your options, focus on your top priorities for your carpet project.

A fresh coat of paint and a brand new carpet can sometimes be the tipping point you need to close that sale and get above the asking price! For a carpet that doesn’t break the bank while photographing well we suggest a carpet from our F2 distributor or something in Mohawk’s Everstrand line and somewhere between a 25-40oz weight. These carpets are relatively cost effective and most are made out of recycled plastics, making it environmentally conscious and highly stain resistant. It comes in patterned looks, flat beiges and grays, and a variety of flecks.

“Builder grade” carpet is a colloquialism that has come to be synonymous with the most cost effective carpet you can find, while still being able to cover your floor. We carry a variety of carpet options that fit this description in our F2 and Mohawk selection. Come on in and take a look!

With carpet, budgeting can be difficult with the process of cutting your rooms out of a roll. The easiest way to cut down on cost is to buy a less expensive carpet, with less weight or ounces which will have less material. But you don’t have to compromise. F2 provides quality carpet at a reduced price, and Mohawk’s SmartStrand is a quality carpet with a lifetime stain and pet warranty. And, to help get the best value for your investment we suggest a higher quality pad that will add to the soft feel beneath your feet without having to pay for premium weight.

We know how that life goes. You need a carpet that can withstand the beating of a full and bustling household. We suggest Mohawk’s SmartStrand Ultra. Highly stain and wear resistant with lifetime pet protection and 25 year abrasion warranty. This carpet is built to last. With a variety of colors and styles we are confident that you’ll find something you love. 

That feeling of bare feet on a luxurious, soft carpet is unbeatable. Our carpet brands carry a variety of carpet lines that are specifically designed to give you that unbeatable feeling, at a variety of price points. From F2’s SoftBac, to EverStrand’s Soft Appeal and SmartStrand Silk and Silk reserve lines you’ll never want to step off of your new carpet. We also offer a variety of luxury carpets in our Godfrey Hirst carpet line that are worth stopping in to check out for yourself.

We agree! While hardwood is the ultimate environmentally conscious floor covering, we know that nothing can substitute the cozy feeling of carpet after a long day. For something that does not cost a premium we suggest going with F2 PET Polyester fibers, or Mohawk’s everStrand carpet. It is made of recycled plastics and consequently is highly stain resistant. If you want something completely natural without the synthetic fibers Godfrey Hirst carries wool carpet. Wool carpet is naturally flame retardant, hypo-allergenic, and soft without having to be processed with harsh chemicals like a nylon or polyester carpet.

We are too! We carry a variety of patterned looks in F2, Mohawk, and Godfrey Hirst carpet lines in a variety of price points. From flat to fleck, even multicolored patterns we are sure to have something that will bring a whole new dimension and intrigue to any room for any budget.
Not a problem. We carry a wide range of colors in multiple carpet styles and price points. One of our carpet selections comes in 24 unique colors alone. Come on in to our Yelm showroom and pick out just the right look for you.

Hello fellow business owner. We also have the carpet for your specific needs. We carry commercial stretch carpet in our F2 and Aladdin lines, and carpet tiles made by Aladdin. Stop in our showroom and have a chat with our sales representative about specific pricing for labor and materials for your commercial space. We can also supply you with commercial LVT if you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your commercial flooring needs.

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