Deep Cleaning

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Joshua Crossman

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Did you know we also offer deep cleaning services for your hardwood floors?  Don’t let carpet cleaners deep clean your hardwood floors, leave that job to a hardwood flooring expert.

Your normal cleaning does a pretty good job but over time dirt, grime and grease can build up and leave a residue on your floors that your typically cleaning just can’t get up. See the picture at the beginning of this post. That’s when it’s a good idea to give us a call and have us come in with our specialized floor cleaning equipment and industrial grade cleaners to get your floors as clean as they can get.

We recommend that you have your hardwood floors deep cleaned at least once a year or more frequent if needed.  The process involves us first vacuuming up the loose dirt with our professional grade vacuums. Next we use our scrubbing equipment in conjunction with our specialized cleaners to clean up and remove that hard to get build up of dirt and grime.  Leaving you with a beautiful floor that you can be assured is clean.

If your finish is looking a little worn we can also apply a maintenance coat of finish on the floor to keep it looking good for years to come and thus having to avoid a more costly sand and refinish.  We recommend a coat of finish be applied to your floor about every 5-7 years depending upon use.

Pricing: Our deep cleaning service only costs about $.50/sq ft with a $250 minimum. If you would like a coat of finish applied then that’s an additional $1.00/sq ft. with a $750 minimum charge.

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