Diamond in the rough

Picture of Joshua Crossman

Joshua Crossman

Owner of PTL Flooring LLC

One of our favorite types of jobs to do is to restore an old floor that looks impossible to restore.  We had an opportunity to mine a gem in a 1903 North Tacoma home, which we dubbed the “Diamond in the Rough” project.

Here’s some pictures of it before we started to sand. I can’t imagine the shape it was in before the remodeling contractor cleaned it up for us:

As you can see, this is a floor most flooring salesmen would say to leave alone and cover with something, but we are not like most flooring salesmen.  We are floor heroes. We are experts at our trade.  We are craftsmen.  So the challenge was on to make this fir floor look beautiful again.

Hardwood flooring is all that we do and we have specialty tools to help us out in any situation.  For this floor we had to start with the Diamabrush to get the layers of wax and varnish off before we could break out our sanding equipment.


Once we got the floor nicely sanded we applied Dura Seal Spice Brown stain and Glitsa MultiKote Swedish Finish in a satin sheen to give the floor excellent protection. After a lot of sand paper, many back breaking hours, and plenty of sweat, here’s our results:

I think we accomplished our goal and this floor turned out to be a real beauty.  It wasn’t easy but the final results were well worth it.


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