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Our premium waterborne finish system is Loba Supra.  It is a two component commercial grade waterborne finish ideal for heavy use residential and commercial applications. If you want one of the best film finishes readily available then this is it.

It is not UV sensitive so it won’t amber over time. Being a waterborne finish, it is more environmentally friendly than traditional polyurethanes, dissipating less volatile compounds during the drying and curing process.  It has a VOC level of less than 125g/l. We typically recommend this finish in commercial settings like office buildings, or in very active households where the best protection is desired or needed.

This finish would work well for those with mild chemical sensitivities that need a lower VOC finish. Since the finish has a low VOC level it wont stink up your house for days. It only takes a couple of hours to get rid of any finish smell as opposed to some finishes which take days to air out the house.

The finish is really clear which looks absolutely beautiful on maple floors. It is our favorite finish for when we do just a clear coat of finish on maple hardwood flooring. (Although we love to stain maple floors when we come across them.)

We can also use this finish to coat over factory finished (pre-finished) flooring.  Most people don’t realize that even with a factory finished floor that it should be recoated about every 10 years or so depending upon use to keep it looking good for years to come and avoid the costly expensive of a complete sand and refinish.

We feel this is a great finish with excellent durability that will be well suited for people that desire to have the best water-based film finish.

Overall appearance: This is a clear finish that maintains the raw tones of the wood.  It has a very full finish look.

Cure time: Allows for really light foot traffic in 3 hours, normal traffic after 24 hours.  Full cure takes about 5 days but furniture can be set after 72 hours and we recommend area rugs in 10-30 days. Although rugs can be set in little as 5 days we like to hold off longer to allow some UV light change to occur.  Although the finish isn’t as UV sensitive as other finishes you will still get some UV change in the wood which is unavoidable.

Recommended Maintenance Coat Timeframe: 7-10 years or more depending upon how the floor is used and cared for.

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