Elijah Couch


Elijah Couch, a dedicated and experienced Foreman, has been an invaluable PTL Flooring team member since September 3rd, 2013. With a passion for delivering exceptional results, Elijah takes pride in the finished product at the end of each day. The friendships he has built within the company contribute to the positive work environment that he values.

According to Elijah, one of the most rewarding aspects of assisting customers with their flooring needs is seeing their satisfaction with the completed work. Knowing that customers can rely on PTL Flooring to meet all of their hardwood flooring requirements brings him great fulfillment. Elijah understands the importance of creating spaces that customers can truly be proud of, and he consistently goes above and beyond to achieve outstanding results.

Aside from his professional achievements, Elijah has a unique passion for leading worship and serving as one of the youth pastors at his church. His love for music and ministry is a testament to his compassionate and nurturing nature. Additionally, Elijah finds solace and joy in the great outdoors, often venturing into the woods with his family for exciting adventures.

With his extensive experience, commitment to customer satisfaction, and dedication to his work and community, Elijah Couch plays a vital role as a Foreman at PTL Flooring. His ability to create beautiful and durable flooring solutions and his passion for music and the outdoors make him a well-rounded and valued team member.