Joshua Crossman


My name is Joshua Crossman, and I’m the owner of PTL Flooring. I started in the hardwood flooring trade in 1999 at the young age of 20. Even though I graduated in the top 10 of my high school graduating class, college did not interest me. I was young and searching for a solid career. I found a job with a company that specialized in hardwood flooring. After several years of working on hardwood floors, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

I started PTL Flooring in 2004 and really began to focus on honing my craft. After joining, I joined the National Wood Floor Association. The NWFA conducts classes in regard to different aspects of wood flooring, and I started to attend. Meeting with other like-minded individuals from around the country helped my passion for the business grow even more. I’ve attended and instructed enough classes to earn the title of Master Craftsman and an NWFA Craftsman degree. Soon after I joined, I became an NWFA Certified Professional Installer, Sand & Finisher, and Certified Sales Advisor. I’m pretty passionate about my vocation and furthering my education.

I continue to be heavily involved with the NWFA and stay up to date with the industry by instructing at hands-on classes and attending the yearly Wood Flooring Expo.

On the personal side of things I started out in the trade being a single guy, now I’m married and we have 9 kids, yes 9, and my wife birthed every one. We have 6 girls; yes, that’ll be a lot of weddings to pay for, so I need to keep working on making floors beautiful to pay for them. Then we added 3 boys. You may see a couple of the kids on a job site from time to time and hopefully one day a few will be working with me full-time.