Door Greeter

Introducing Lincoln, the beloved door greeter at PTL Flooring. Since joining the team in March 2022, Lincoln has diligently patrolled and safeguarded the premises. With a wagging tail and a friendly demeanor, Lincoln’s position as the company’s door greeter brings a sense of comfort and joy to staff and visitors alike.

One of the aspects that Lincoln enjoys most about working for PTL Flooring is the opportunity to meet new people. His outgoing nature and warm personality make him an instant hit with everyone he encounters. Lincoln is always ready to greet customers, tail-wagging, and make them feel welcome as they explore the world of hardwood flooring.

While Lincoln’s primary role is door greeting, he finds immense reward in helping customers with their flooring needs, particularly concerning pets. Lincoln’s presence adds an extra dose of joy to their flooring experience, from a friendly sniff to a gentle nuzzle.

Beyond his professional duties, Lincoln has a unique love for chewing bones and chasing frisbees. When he’s not patrolling the premises or bringing smiles to customers’ faces, you can often find him happily engaged in his favorite activities. Lincoln’s playful spirit and boundless energy serve as a reminder of the importance of enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

With his unwavering dedication to door greeting, infectious charm, and passion for furry companions, Lincoln has become an irreplaceable member of the PTL Flooring family. His presence brings a sense of warmth and happiness to the workplace, creating a positive environment for everyone. Lincoln’s love for meeting new people and indulging in playful pursuits make him a cherished and adored team member.