Maverick Crossman


Maverick Crossman is a valuable PTL Flooring team member, serving as a dedicated Housekeeping staff for the past year. With a strong commitment to cleanliness and attention to detail, Maverick plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall appearance and organization of the company.

What Maverick enjoys most about working for PTL Flooring is the opportunity to be part of a local company. Being able to contribute to the success of a family business brings her a sense of pride and fulfillment. Additionally, Maverick finds joy in hearing about the different flooring options that customers choose. Each selection tells a unique story and adds a special touch to every space.

While assisting customers with their flooring needs is not a direct aspect of Maverick’s role, her presence and efforts contribute to creating a clean and welcoming environment for customers to explore and make their flooring decisions. Her attention to detail ensures that the showroom and other areas are presentable, enhancing the overall experience for customers.

Maverick has some unique aspects of her life besides her professional responsibilities. As a homeschooler and the third of nine siblings, she appreciates the value of family and the importance of education. Maverick’s favorite hobbies include art, allowing her to express her creativity, and playing volleyball, fostering her love for teamwork and physical activity.

With her commitment to cleanliness, appreciation for local businesses, and her vibrant personality, Maverick Crossman plays an important role in maintaining the PTL Flooring team’s professional image. Her dedication to her work and her love for art, sports, and family make her a well-rounded and valued team member.