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Joshua Crossman

Joshua Crossman

Owner of PTL Flooring LLC

Hardwood flooring refinishing work is something that needs to be taken seriously.  If improperly done by a DIY’er or an amateur, such as a jack-of-all-trades, a wood floor refinish job can lead to costly repairs and even worse death.

In this news story a building superintendent was killed while refinishing a wood floor in an apartment unit.  Thank fully no one else was hurt due to his carelessness and lack of knowledge of proper procedures in dealing with volatile finishes.

PTL Hardwoods does not use lacquer based sealers as they are highly volatile and hazardous to people’s health.  We use less volatile conversion varnishes and water based finishes and we have the necessary knowledge to handle these types of finishes in a safe manner.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 14,000 fires a year are caused by spontaneous combustion.   Spontaneous combustion can occur when rags soaked with stain are not properly disposed of and they heat up causing fire.  Many homes have burned down as a result of stain rags left from staining a hardwood floor.  Lack of knowledge and maybe a little laziness is to blame here since spontaneous combustion is simple to prevent.

We have found the best application to staining a floor is to use rags to apply the stain and to remove the excess.  To prevent the risk of spontaneous combustion we then immediately put the rags into a metal container and soak with water.

Here’s another story told by a DIY’er that almost caught his house on fire from leaving the dust in a trash can inside his house.  Even the dust collected from sanding the floor can be hazardous if not taken care of properly.

You can search the internet and find many more tales of fires and close calls made by people who didn’t know how to properly handle the volatile aspects of a hardwood floor refinish.  We ask that you please leave this job to true professionals that can sand your floor properly and dispose of the byproducts in a safe manner so as not to endanger your home or family.


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