The PTL Hardwoods Difference

Joshua Crossman

Joshua Crossman

Owner of PTL Flooring LLC

Here are a few points to consider that separates PTL Hardwoods from other wood flooring companies.

  • Trustworthy: our team is clean, professional, drug free and you can trust us in your home.  The owner, Joshua Crossman, has 6 little girls that he is protective of so if he can’t trust his teammates around them then they don’t make the team.
  • We’re legal. We only hire legal U.S. Citizens.  We are licensed and bonded.
  • Honesty: we are always honest.  Mistakes happen and if we have an accident and something breaks we will tell you and not hide it.  If we damage something we will tell you about it.  If a product isn’t right for your situation we will tell you so.  We have nothing to hide.
  • Integrity: we sell products that we own or would use ourselves.  We won’t give you a sub-standard product.  We pay our taxes which go to support our local community.  If someone is willing to cheat the government, which is made up of people, and avoid paying their share of taxes, then there’s a chance they will cheat you.  
  • Highly trained: we keep up-to-date on changes in the industry.  Finishes change as well as the equipment and techniques.  We’re a member of the National Wood Flooring Association.  Joshua Crossman (owner) has earned a Craftsman degree and is a Certified NWFA Professional Installer, Sand & Finisher.
  • We use good equipment: you need good tools to do a good job.
  • We have a passion and commitment to the industry.  This is our chosen vocation. We believe every house can benefit from having hardwood flooring.
  • We are professional: Our crew is clean cut. They wear a uniform that identifies them. They are drug free (which is a rarity among other companies)  Our trucks our clearly marked. Our crew is helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have.
  • We are a small local business. We provide good paying local jobs so that people can provide for their families and reinvest in the local economy.
  • We produce quality work.  We have the tools, the training, a good attitude and the knowledge to produce the nicest floors around.
  • We care.  We’ll make sure to answer any and all questions.  We’ll show you how to make your floors last for a long time.  We’ll provide information on how to maintain and keep your floors looking good. We make sure you have a high quality product done correctly.


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