Some Myths Regarding Engineered Flooring

Many people are leery when engineered flooring is brought up as a viable choice to put into their home.  I would like to debunk some typical myths regarding this misunderstood flooring option. Myth: engineered wood flooring is fake.  Laminate, such as Pergo, has given engineered wood a bad name.  Engineered wood should not be confused […]

Laminate Flooring Ratings

Most people don’t know this but Laminate flooring has a rating system to better assist you as to which type of laminate flooring your should purchase and use.  It is an international grading system called the AC (abrasion class) rating.  This grading system tells you how durable a particular laminate is and what kind of […]


We get asked frequently if we install bamboo.  The short answer is yes but please be somewhat intelligent about it when discussing it as a potential floor covering for your home. The number one thing that gets under a craftsman’s skin is lumping bamboo in the same category as hardwood.  Bamboo is a grass and […]